What’s the full range of your services?

  • International door to door delivery
  • International clearance and forwarding
  • Customs clearance
  • Inland transport
  • Tracking and progress monitoring
  • Product Sourcing


Where do you export / import to/from?
Angelogistics is an international logistics company offering a full, uncompromising and unbeatable service to customers both locally and globally. We will pull out all the stops to help customers import or export from anywhere in the world.


Is my package insured?
Your packages are always insured.


How can I get a quote for sending a parcel somewhere?
You are welcome to send us a quotation request – please click here.


How can I track my parcel?
We will send you a tracking number. All updates will be made on our website.


What is the maximum size and weight of packages you ship?
We do not have a maximum size.


What items are prohibited?
This will be updated shortly.