About Us

About Us

Angelogistics is a company set up to specifically help companies without the necessary infrastructure to source products from anywhere in the world. Moreover, the company is also fully capable of helping potential exporters get their products to overseas customers efficiently and at fully competitive rates.

We will pull out all the stops to help customers import or export from anywhere in the world. And we guarantee the whole process will be smooth and hassle free.


The Process

Angelogistics is also fully capable of organising the transport of freight from any port in the country to inland destinations. Wherever that may be! And the converse is equally true. In effect that means we can guarantee a door to door delivery service.

Naturally, for that to run smoothly we will need detailed instructions from clients about the merchandise to be transported. Is it delicate, is it fragile, is it flammable? Additionally we will need accurate dimensions of the cargo so we can ensure that the most suitable transport is employed.



Then we offer our ‘Camel’ service. As an example we will publish on our Angelogistics website that one of our trucks will be travelling from Kimberley to Bloemfontein on 10 April. If a company wishes to take advantage by booking space on that truck to transport goods, for part or all of the way to Bloemfontein – that can be arranged. Angelogistics will launch this separately.

We are constantly updating our website. Customers are urged to check out our website daily or even more frequently. If they find a transport date that suits them then they need to confirm with us and provide us with all the necessary information, such as the dimensions of the goods, the number of items, any special care – that sort of stuff.

We will do the rest.

You need never worry again about the status of your cargo. You will be kept informed exactly where it is at any time via our state of the art tracking and progress monitoring system.

Angelogistics is an international logistics company offering a full, uncompromising and unbeatable service to customers both locally and globally. Choosing us is a no brainer which customers will never regret.